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Our Approach


Whether you host your own or attend others, events have become a core element of a team’s calendar and a club’s strategy.


We believe that participating in jamborees, tournaments, and showcases provide an ideal opportunity:


  • For team members to bond


  • To play against different competition


  • Measure your team against others of the same level of play


  • Showcase players


  • Visit new places


We strive to create high value events, that clubs are comfortable endorsing, and that teams look forward to attending year after year.

Our Philosophy

What We Do

We provide a complete turn-key event management team to: 


  • Build new jamborees, tournaments, or showcases 


  • Support an existing tournament to improve specific areas of focus


  • Build exciting travel and tour opportunities for teams


Essentially we can be involved as much or as little as is required to get the job done! 

We apply our years of experience in event management to create a truly professional experience, no matter what age, level, or gender of play.

How We Do It

Understanding Events

When evaluating which events to attend or if you are considering hosting, we believe the following are core criteria to follow for optimizing your event experience: 


  • Investigate the event managers or club involved and determine a history of success and a quality level of organization


  • Confirm that the facilities meet a minimum standard for your team/club


  • Review that the jamboree, tournament, or showcase aligns with your team/club objectives


  • Double check that the teams are matched to ensure that an appropriate level of competition can be achieved.


  • Evaluate the overall cost of the event, including any travel costs, to compare against other tournament options

  • Generate sports tourism


  • Engage partners (political and corporate)


  • Profitability; source of revenue


  • Showcase your facilities


  • Highlight your organization


  • Build relationships 


Why Are Events Important?

We have staff who specialize in all aspects of event management including:


  • Facility Management 


  • Staff and Volunteer Management 


  • Sales, Marketing, Sponsorship, and Brand Building


  • Travel and Hotel Coordination


We have an extensive network to engage event partners and attract potential teams. 


Our Services


E11even Management Inc. has teamed up with AM Sports Tours, based out of Scotland, UK.

AM Sports Tours is a global leader in team travel. They have established relationships with some of the biggest professional clubs in the world, along with a history of taking players and teams to major competitions, such as the FIFA World Cup, and UEFA European Championship.


Whether it’s designing a new event or improving and existing one, we can help!


Events are an important tool to:


  • Showcase players, teams, programs, clubs, and facilities

  • Offer a revenue stream for clubs

  • Extend corporate and political relationships

  • Bring key stakeholders to a centralized venue 


Harbour City FC


“E11even Management events continue to offer fantastic experiences leaving both players and  parents absolutely enthusiastic about coming back! We look forward to attending your events for many years to come!“


Jazz Sohal 

Youth Coordinator

Harbour City FC - Nanaimo

Calgary Foothills Soccer Club

“The SX Cup exceeded all expectations with respect to venue, competition and organization of the competition. The experience was first rate and professional which is what I come to expect from E11even Management. I would not hesitate to recommend the event or participate again in the future as this one is a date that should be marked on every club calendar.”



Troye Flannery

Director of Coaching 

Calgary Foothills Soccer Club


Calgary Blizzard Soccer Club

"The SX International Cup was, by far, the most professionally run soccer tournament we have ever been involved in. Chris and Matt, along with the rest of their staff did a great job in keeping us informed throughout the entire process, making our preparations for the tournament that much easier. The competition was as expected – top notch, which provided our players with a ‘step up’ in the level of play and aided in our overall development as a team, which was exactly what we were looking for. The facilities and organization at the tournament exceeded all of our expectations! Every little detail was looked after - right down to the mobile concession trucks that provided healthy food options to keep our players properly fuelled between matches! Given the overwhelmingly positive response from coaching staff, players and parents we have once again decided to return to the SX International Cup in 2015!" 


Paul Burke


Calgary Blizzard Celtic Girls U14


PSPL Academy

“E11even Management put on the best event that our teams participated in last year!  The SX Cup was well organized and well run, the facilities were first class and the competition was very good.  Our teams competed well, putting 2 teams in the final, with our 2000 girls winning the whole thing!  Overall, it was a really good experience for our players.  The level of soccer is very good and very different from what are players are used too.  The Canadian teams play very physical so there are no easy games.  We loved it and we plan on bringing all 12 of our teams again to participate in the future!” 



Eddie Henderson

Academy Director 

PSPL Academy