Education. Motivation. Opportunity.


Our Approach

Our Philosophy

The best student athletes are self-motivated and as such we want them, along with the support of their family, to own the process and control the outcomes.


We believe in reducing significant barriers such as cost and confusing information so that the college preparation and recruitment process is understandable and affordable and those who meet the academic and athletic standards have the best chance for success.


We promise to educate and empower, without ‘selling’ dreams of lofty ambitions and huge scholarships. We strive to provide a realistic picture of potential outcomes for a student athlete so that expectations can be met.

Whether online, or on the side of the field, many people seem to have an opinion about the recruitment process and availability of scholarships.


These points should be considered before starting the process, so that expectations can be met:


  • Scholarships are available but come in different forms. The elusive “full ride” is rare


  • Funding is available for many players, not just the “best” players on your team


  • There is significantly more academic funding available than athletic scholarships.You are a student, before being an athlete. You must meet the academic requirements of the school. You will not get a pass because you are a ‘good player'


  • In most cases, the student athlete plays a bigger role in the recruitment process than the coach. Education and motivation are keys to success


  • Being recruited takes time. Start early and understand the steps to take at each age/grade


  • Recruitment is person specific, meaning that your opportunities and outcomes will likely be different from anyone else on your team. Be cautious about promises of scholarships or guaranteed results from recruiting companies

Understanding Recruitment 

How We Do It

Like many things in life, there is not one right way to navigate the process of becoming a student athlete at the college/university level.


In our case, we believe simple is better. We service one sport (soccer) and we do it well.

What We Do

Simply put, we assist student athletes to become educated on how the recruitment process works and provide guidance and recommended steps to take if they’re interested in playing soccer at a college/university level, ideally receiving some financial assistance (scholarship). 


We have partnered with College Fit Finder to support players with critical information and world class technology. 


We understand, through experience, the reality of the sport and academic system, and we make every effort to transfer that experience/knowledge to players and parents. 

We will:


  • Provide an honest assessment of your academic and athletic opportunities


  • Educate you to understand the athletic and academic systems


  • Guide you when necessary if you’re feeling unsure

Our Guarantee


Our Services

Highlight Videos

Advisory Services

Bring your recruitment process to "life" by having our professionals create your highlight video by combining technology and an eye for what coaches are looking. Maximize your exposure with a fantastic highlight video, created by our staff! 

Our professionals work with club staff, coaches, parents, and players to educate stakeholders about the recruitment process. Many families don't know where to start or what the steps are to get recruited. We simplify information and put it in terms you can understand and get excited about.