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E11even Management Partnership with PSPL

SEATTLE - E11even Management and Puget Sound Premier League have announced a partnership to promote joint soccer events and business opportunities that will serve the premier youth soccer market in the Northwest.

Both organizations share common values that put players first as well as organize professionally managed soccer events. The partnership will cover a range of joint events and marketing and business opportunities aimed at creating competitive programming for top players and clubs in western Canada and in the western United States.

“PSPL is a leader in league management and player development in Washington State,” said Chris Murphy, E11even Management. “We feel that this is a key strategic partnership to provide enhanced opportunities for players in the Pacific Northwest.

“Through game play and tournament style events, we can work with PSPL to provide highly organized and competitive environments,” Murphy said. “Collectively, we have access to some of best teams, players, clubs, and facilities and we’re excited to pull this network together in 2016.”

The PSPL is looking forward to creating even more innovative and exciting competitive opportunities with E11even Management to help elite soccer players reach their dreams.

“We’re excited to work with E11even Management on a host of programming and events to help create a clear pathway for the top-level soccer player,’’ said PSPL President Stanley Holmes. “By collaborating and drawing on each other’s strengths, we can create better opportunities for players and clubs to showcase their players and teams in meaningful events.”

The partnership is already under way. The PSPL Surf Academy sends its younger teams to the SX Cup over Labor Day Weekend – an elite regional tournament that matches top clubs from Canada and USA. Some British Columbian teams plan to participate in the PSPL’s Skagit Super Cup in August, and both groups are planning to organize top-level College Showcase tournament over President Day weekend in the Puget Sound region.

E11even Management Inc., based in the Vancouver, B.C. area, has been an industry leader in club, event, and player management. It is a boutique soccer advisory firm with well known, and experienced soccer professionals at all levels (professional, national, college/university, community) of the game.

The PSPL, based in Seattle, is the biggest US Club Soccer league in Washington state. It is an industry leader for leagues, tournaments, events, and elite player training and coaching education - offering a wide range of soccer-related programming, training and coaching education events.

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